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quick, notify and up-to-date. The brand new manager is really on the ball. op en wakker, aan die model, wakker يَقِظ، مُنْتَبِه، واعٍ бърз alerta na výši auf Draht på mærkerne; hurtig i vendingen; kvik γρήγορος, ενημερωμένος, σε ετοιμότητα estar al tanto, estar alerta tasemel هشیار و کاردان بودن ajan tasalla à la hauteur לִהְיוֹת בָּעִנייָנִים सावधान, किसी स्थिति से पूर्ण सम्पर्क रखना pripravan gyors siap siaga klár, með á nótunum aggiornato 有能である 빈틈 없이 kupinas naujų idėjų personīgs; veikls peka bijdehand rask i vendingen/avtrekket; med på lekenbystry, zorientowany هوښيار او كارپوه alerta prompt, pe fază толковый na úrovni na nivoju u toku på alerten ตื่นตัว; กระตือรือร้น uyanık, olup bitenden haberdar 戰戰競競 спритний چاق و چوبند، ہوشیار nhanh nhẹn 警惕,机警

One example is, there was no discussion of this during the 2015 ICC Environment Cup. We’re conscious of some dialogue throughout the Champions Trophy, but we’re also aware about the rain that’s hampered the Match that alterations the nature of the ball,” he defined.

Some see it purely being an pleasant and philanthropic hobby, while some have utilised the knowledge they've gained from providing the company to go on to Qualified commentary perform.

d. A pitched baseball that doesn't pass through the strike zone and isn't swung at by the batter.

Finn to Ravindra Jadeja , 0 operate, Jadeja bought nicely outdoors leg, the ball was fired in whole and he effectively defended the ball on to his stumps as he was cramped for space.

Nonetheless, over the past 20 years, bowling Together with the white Kookaburra has proven being a laborous undertaking for some bowlers. Not shockingly, voices in and close to England have urged the administrators to carry back again the good-old Duke ball, if something, only to revive the parity amongst bat and ball.

ball - a pitch that's not from the strike zone; "he threw 9 straight balls prior to the manager yanked him"

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ball determine → Richtzahl f; inside the ball → in dieser Größenordnung; am I in the right ball? → bewege ich mich in der richtigen Größenordnung?

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To date, there wasn’t A great deal contest into the Kookaburra white ball but this Champions Trophy has reignited the aged debate. Gill, the Kookaburra spokesperson, mentioned which the ICC hasn’t issued click here any directives to the company yet about any issue Using the ball.

rete testis - community of tubules carrying sperm with the seminiferous tubules into the vasa efferentia

ball - on the list of click here two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens; "she kicked him while in the balls and obtained absent"

A lot ahead of the inception in the white Kookaburra balls in England, ball by ball it had been the Duke ball that held its sway throughout Leading domestic competitions. Using the additional pronounced seam, it remained ball by ball firmer for a longer length, and thereby enabled conventional swing, which meant the rapidly bowlers bought an equal footing in the sport. The shift to the Kookaburra was propagated because of the ICC to standardise the game.

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